Franchise Law & Franchise Formation

One of the strong suits of Soden & Steinberger is our experience forming franchises and reviewing franchise agreements on behalf of franchisees.

Bob loves enabling individuals with dreams and passions and encouraging them to make it reality. In fact, Bob is a minority  franchisor owner in a video gaming franchise and thus has the understanding of both the law involved and the practical knowledge of running one himself. 

In this endeavor, the first question to answer is “Is my business one that can be franchised?” While not every business can be franchised; fortunately, many can! The second question to ask is “Are you far enough along to be ready for this?” If for some reason you or the business is not, Soden & Steinberger can assist in making sure the appropriate steps are taken to prepare the business to be franchised. It is paramount that your launch is successful; Soden & Steinberger wants to be your partner in this enterprise. 

Generally, there are two areas where Soden & Steinberger help those interested in franchising: those looking into creating a franchise and those interested in buying into a franchise. Contact us today to speak with a fanchise law lawyer in San Diego. 

Forming a Franchise

Facets that we will help in obtaining or creating include:

  • Trademarks
  • Domain Names
  • Business Structure
  • Terms of the Franchise
  • Franchise Disclosure Document           

Looking to Buy Into a Franchise

We do three things for a franchisee:

  • Form an Entity
  • Review Franchise Agreement
  • Advise on Real Estate and Lease Agreements