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Commercial Real Estate - Large Building in San Diego

Prior to earning his law degree, Bob served as a commercial broker, leasing and purchasing office space for companies for over ten years.

Today, he draws heavily on his negotiation skills he learned as a broker to negotiate contracts and real estate purchase that protect your interests. Generally we work in three areas of real estate. 

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Lease Agreements

A contract between a lessor and lessee that allows the lessee rights to the use of a property owned or managed by the lessor for a period of time. The agreement does not provide ownership rights to the lessee; however, the lessor may grant certain allowances to modify, change or otherwise adapt the property to suit the needs of the lessee. During the lease period, the lessee is responsible for the condition of the property.

Real Estate Disputes

Any disagreement involving real estate and includes:  easement disputes, issues related to ownership, breach of lease, and buyer or seller dispute after transaction (fraud, misrepresentation, lack of disclosure; can include broker misconduct).

Commercial Real Estate Acquisition

Any and all acquisition of real estate as related to the growth of your business.